A spit roast is a great way to feed a lot of people at a party, and is more exciting than a standard BBQ.  Let us deal with the cleaning afterwards!

Our spit roasts use heat beads to cook food to delicious perfection.  

They come with two motors to rotate the meat (one of which can be powered by a car battery if you wish).

The spit roast comes with 3 long stainless steel skewers (about 70cm long) and 12 shorter skewers about 35cm long which are especially good for kebabs or cooking vegies.

We supply 12kg of heat beads and enough fire starters to get everything lit. Allow one kg bag of heat beads per kg of meat.  ( Light about two thirds of the heat beads initially and keep the rest for top ups.)

Our spit roasts come with wheels to make them easier to move around, and are at a convenient height.

We also supply a cooking thermometer so you’ll know exactly when you’re ready to start feeding people!

Spit Roast Rotisserie Grill



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