Our slushie machines come with two bottles of syrup included in the price.


We can also supply you additional bottles of slush syrup at our cost price.


It is quite possible to make more than one batch of slush per night at a party, especially if you use ice cold water for the second batch. Superb Party Hire will purchase back any unused bottles of syrup that you don’t end up using, so it is risk free to order as many flavours as you like.


It's not a good idea to run slushie machines on low quality syrups or soft drink etc as expensive damage to the machine can occur.   The plastic parts of a slushie machine are very expensive to replace, so it is important to treat them carefully.

Slushie Machine Syrup/Juice refills


    You can add virtually any spirit you like to any slushie flavour, but most work best with a clear spirit like vodka, white rum, or tequila.​​


    Blue lagoon (Blue Curacao orange, pineapple & coconut): Suggested spirit: Vodka​


    Caribbean Crush (tropical blend) Suggested spirit: White Rum


    ​Cola: You might like to add bourbon or rum.


    Cosmopolitan (cranberry, cointreau orange & lime) Suggested spirit: Vodka


    Fruit Tingle: Suggested spirit: Vodka ​


    Lemon Margarita: Suggested spirit: Tequila​


    Mango Daiquiri: Suggested spirit: White Rum​


    Mellusion (melon & pineapple) Suggested spirit: Vodka


    Sex on The Beach (cranberry, peach & cointreau orange) Suggested spirit: Vodka


    Vodka Strawberry Daiquiri: Suggested spirit: White Rum​





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