Rustic themed events are currently very popular and if you are considering rustic tables, then you're the sort of person who is after just the right "look".  These beautiful solid timber tables are perfect for use without linen. They are wide enough to allow ornate table decoration if you wish.

Available in 180cm x 90cm or 240cm x 90cm (select from the drop down menu).

People dining generally need about 600mm of room at the table. A trestle that is 1.8M long can fit 3 people along each side, and one person at the head and the foot of the table at a pinch.

A trestle that is 2.4M long will fit 4 people along each side, and one at the head and foot of the table at a pinch.

For comfortable dining, trestle tables need to be at least 650mm wide, but you may want them wider if you plan to have a lot of decorations in the centre of the table.

Our rustic timber tables are the heaviest and nicest looking that we have seen around.  We also avoid the use of cheaper folding A -frame legs which severely compromise the comfort of your guests.


IMPORTANT.    Our 1.8m and 2.4m tables come from different suppliers, so the timber tops look slightly different.  Your guests may notice this if you join a mix of 1.8 and 2.4m tables together.    Our 1.8m tables have black metal legs, and our 2.4m tables have heavy wooden legs. 


Our 2.4m tables are approximately 75cm high, and our 1.8m tables are slightly less.


Our delivery drivers are pleased to help you move the 2.4m tables from our truck to a short distance away, but they are too heavy to be moved with one person, so we will need help BOTH when delivering and collecting them.  If you are not available to help, ask us for a quote to bring a second delivery person along with us.


Rustic Timber Trestle Table (various sizes)