Round Table 1.8M diameter.  The legs are 74cm high.



Round Table

  • People constantly ask us how many people can comfortably sit at a round table?


    Our most popular size round table is 180cm diameter.  Tables larger than this do not create an intimate environment because guests around very large tables are too far away to comfortably communicate with each other.


    The number of people you can comfortably fit around a 180cm diameter table depends somewhat on the size of your guests, and the style of cuisine you are expecting to serve; obviously more courses requires more cutlery, more plates, and hence more room.


    You can usually fit 10 or even 12 people at a pinch around a 180cm table if you are just serving drinks.  Remember that it’s not unusual to have 5 or even 10% of people to either no-show or cancel at the last minute due to illness etc.


    If you plan to seat 10 people at a table, it will end up being very comfortable if only 8 people show up.


    Remember too that you’ll need to allow roughly 60cm behind the chair of each guest so that they can leave the table, and allow wait staff to deliver food.


    Our tables weigh 21kg and have a 150kg weight limit. They are almost always used with linen.