Our outdoor dance floor panels are made of super tough plastic which you can drive a truck on without causing damage.  They have tiny slits to allow spilt drinks or rain to safely flow away. The slits aren't large enough to allow stiletto heals etc to get caught in them.


They are easy to install on slightly sloped or uneven ground.


Price is per panel. If you require more than 10 panels, click 'add to cart' multiple times.

Outdoor Dance Floor Panel (92cm x 92cm)

  • A dance floor really helps getting guests in the mood for a party!

    A portable dance floor is an easy way to keep your guests entertained and having fun. A packed dance floor is also a entertaining and dynamic feature at any party that is interesting for guests to watch.

    Generally never more than 30% to 50% of your guests will be on the dance floor at any one time. Of course you will know your guests better so you can adjust accordingly. Each couple requires approximately one square meter of space. If you have a party for 100 people, 25 couples or 50 people normally will be the maximum number on the dance floor at one time.

    Superb Party Hire has both indoor and outdoor portable dance floors that can be sized to suit almost any sized crowd.

    Timber dance floors require a perfectly level surface so are suitable for indoor use only and are a great choice for a wedding, corporate function or formal occasion. The interlocking timber panels can be installed by our staff.

    Our outdoor floors are suitable for either indoor or outdoor use and will withstand the impact of the most enthusiastic dance crowd. (if used indoors, they need to be placed on carpet rather than a slippery surface like tiles.)

    With our system of separate interlocking panels, we can set up square or rectangle configurations in many different patterns and sizes. We can also lay down carpet tiles under the dance floor to protect polished timber floorboards and other surfaces.

    Our outdoor dance floor is also made up of light weight interlocking panels and is super easy and fast to install, but needs to be placed on short grass which is relatively level. It is available in either black or white, or you may prefer to combine black and white panels for the classic checker board look.

    Each square of dance floor is roughly 92cm by 92cm.

    If you wanted a dancefloor 4.5 meters square, (about 22m2) you would need 5 panels x 5 panels (25 panels in total). 

    Our outdoor dance floor can also be used for flooring in marquees.