Having performed bar work at multiple venues, weddings and parties, we'd recommend that in most cases a glass door fridge is far superior to a cold room.


Firstly, cold rooms take up a lot of space, so it will need to be parked out the front of your house, or in your garage which usually is a long way from your bar. You may need to keep locking it every time you get stock out if parked on the street. Your bar staff will then spend much of the night running between the bar and wherever the cold room is parked to restock.


Secondly, you'll also need to organise eskies and buy ice to hold stock at your bar which adds to your cost.


Thirdly, unless you are just offering your guests one or two products, it takes forever to partially unload the cold room each time a guest needs a drink that has been stocked right at the far end.


Some cold rooms are a walk in style which makes access far easier, at the cost of far reduced capacity.


A glass door fridge is almost always a better option, because it looks attractive, holds nearly as much as most cold rooms, and it can be placed immediately behind your bar staff avoiding the need for constant restocking trips. Your guests can clearly see what drinks you have stocked, and what items have run out without the need for your bar staff to run to the cold room to check.


Lastly, it is much faster for your bar staff to take a drink out of a fridge than to rummage through several eskies to find the type of drink your guest has requested. That means you'll need less staff working to dispense drinks.


Superb Party Hire does not stock cold rooms, however if you require one we can supply a list of companies near you who do.

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