Our self erect marquees are super easy and fast to erect with our delivery driver and one person helping. They are free standing but should always be pegged into the ground (or secured by weights if used on hard surfaces) in case it becomes windy.


The main picture above shows a 4m by 8m marquee with 6 rustic timber tables which seat 48 people. 


Depending how you lay things out and what furniture you use, you will be able to accomodate even more guests if they are standing around dry bars, or seated in rows.


These pop up marquees are similar to the items you buy at discount car or camping stores except the frames and the material are infinitely stronger. Our frames are the strongest available so can better withstand harsh weather compared to the cheap flimsy imported versions. 


Pop up marquees are just as strong, but more affordable to hire than other commercial grade marquees because they don't require several hours labour to erect and dismantle.


We stock three sizes; 3 meters by 3 meters, 3 meters by 6 meters and 4 meters by 8 meters. 


All of our marquees have sides available if you require them. You can also join more than one together to make one large area under cover.

Marquee - White - pop up self erect. 4 meters by 8 meters.

  • We're frequently asked if it is OK to add a marquee a few days prior to your event if the forecast predicts rain.


    Keep in mind that commercial grade marquees are expensive to buy so no hire company is going to have more marquees than they regularly use sitting on the shelf.  Keep in mind also that all hire companies get deluged with calls from people hoping to rent a marquee at the last minute every time rain is forecast so unless you rent one in advance, there is a danger you may not be able to find one available.