We rent a range of different arbours depending on your personal taste.


This arbour is a heart shaped frame painted white.  Many people then chose to decorate their arbour, or hire a stylist to decorate it for them.    The pictures above are of our white heart shaped arbour that has been decorated by a stylist.  Naturally the $50 hire charge is for the frame, and does not include the cost of a stylist, or of flowers etc.


This arbour can be constructed by a non expert in just a few minutes. It is supplied with pegs if you are using it outside so that it doesn't blow over.


If you are an especially artistic person ( or enjoy a challenge) we also stock a large range of artificial flowers, chiffon etc allowing you to decorate our arbours with either real or artificial flowers by yourself.


We’ve spoken to a few stylists with experience in decorating arbours, and they say it generally takes a few hours to carry all the flowers from their vehicle and decorate an arbour similar to the way pictured.


Styling with flowers is a skill that benefits from experience. Like painting a picture or baking a cake, you’re pretty unlikely to achieve your best work on your first ever attempt.


Also remember that unless you are setting up indoors, you’ll probably need to decorate the arbour immediately before use as it is very hard to make them wind and weather proof.


If you don’t have the time, skill or inclination to decorate your arbour yourself, we are able to put you in touch with professional stylists that we know and trust.


Dismantles for easy transport. 2.4m height. 

Heart shape arbour