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For a successful party, you want to have your guests mingle and interact with each other, and to feel at ease.


Nearly everyone feels really uncomfortable standing in the middle of an empty space alone; people require attachment points to stand next to like dry bars or a bar.  Our portable bars are a perfect way of putting your guests at ease. They are also much more impressive than just having bottled drinks in an esky and allowing people to serve themselves.


Our bars come equipped with a stainless steel speed rack so that the most frequently used bottles are within easy reach of your bar tender.


They also come with basic bar tools like bottle openers and condiment containers for lemon slices etc.


Our bars are on lockable wheels so they are easy to move around by one person.  (You may need a second person to help move them over very rough ground.)


You might also like to hire;


*Esky filled with ice.

*Two door drinks fridge.

*Illuminated bottle shelf.

*Slushie machine.

*Trained bar tender.

*Racks of drinking and wine glasses.

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