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Everyone likes the look of brand new linen tablecloths! 


Rental tablecloths have a short but hard life and we retire them frequently so that the ones we deliver always look presentable.


Obviously, no company can afford to use tablecloths once only then throw them away, so the linen we deliver to you will have been soaked, bleached, washed and hand ironed by our trained staff perhaps a dozen times before.


If you are especially “particular” about linen, or simply want a tablecloth that looks absolutely brand new, there is no substitute for a brand new tablecloth.


We buy in bulk, and stock both 230cm round tablecloths, and 3m tablecloths to suit a 2.4m rectangular table which we can sell to you in brand new condition.


We even provide the option to sell the linen back to us after your function (provided it is able to be reused by us)


Simply call us on 07 3171 2470  to confirm we have the items you want available on the date you need them or request a quote by filling in your details and the items you are interested in and hitting SEND on our contact page. We'll get back to you ASAP.

We offer a 10% discount on all orders over $1,000. To claim the discount enter the coupon code THOUSANDPLUS in checkout.

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