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How much is delivery, and what does that include?

​​The vast majority of our customers want to pay as little as possible for delivery which we fully understand!


Our business is supplying clean, high quality items for your party. In order to be highly competitive, we provide delivery at cost price.


We keep our basic standard delivery charge to you at an absolute minimum by;

*Not attempting to make any profit on the actual delivery.  We deliver at cost price.

*Doing as many deliveries per truck per day by doing each one quickly and efficiently.

Generally, removalists charge around $80 to $150 per hour (charged from the time they leave their depot) for two men and a truck.  How does Superb Party Hire manage to keep our standard delivery charge to only $40 to deliver and $40 more to pick up?

Each of our delivery drivers needs to make around 8 deliveries per day so depending on the size of the order, we allow approximately 30 minutes to unload at each location. Our small delivery fee just covers the cost of driving from our warehouse to your house twice, and our delivery driver placing all your hired products within a few meters of wherever we can park our truck. 

As you can probably appreciate, our very small basic standard delivery charge does NOT include;

*Our staff carrying everything upstairs/ around the back yard/ making several trips up in a lift.

*Collection late at night or on Sunday when staff need to be paid overtime rates.

Like yourself, our staff would rather be with their families than work on a Sunday or at midnight, but we are more than happy to arrange as many staff as you need based on the extra labour costs we incur.  Our staff are paid double time and a half after 6pm, or on Sundays.

*Room set up.  i.e. placing chairs around tables, putting cushions on chairs, setting up lights etc.

*Packing up after your party. i.e. taking festoon lights down from trees, packing down marquees, clearing tables of bottles and plates so that we can remove them.

*Two staff to carry heavy items.  Our very low delivery fee includes one driver only. They will need your assistance to deliver AND collect heavy wooden tables and marquees as these can't be unloaded by one person.

If you're not able to assist our driver with heavy items like rustic timber tables or marquees that is fine, just let us know at the time of ordering so we can roster on additional staff.

*Driving back a second time because some items were not available for collection when we arrive. 

We pride ourselves on our superior service.   If you’d like us to provide more than our basic delivery, we’d be delighted to assist, but let us know at the time of ordering so we can calculate the extra cost for you.

Our standard delivery charge for small orders is $80 anywhere within 80km of the Brisbane CBD. (This price also includes the return trip for us to pick up the gear after your event.) ​​If you live further than 80km from the Brisbane CBD, we charge $2 extra per kilometre. For example, if you live 100km from Brisbane, delivery would be $40 extra.

In order to keep our delivery costs to you as low as possible, we aim to deliver as many orders to people in the same area as possible on the same day, usually on a Thursday or Friday, and we pick up usually on a Monday or Tuesday.  We pride ourselves on having the best service in the industry so to suit you we can deliver and pick up outside business hours, or outside our delivery area for a small additional charge.  Discuss this with us when you order.


Why do you provide delivery at cost rather than make a profit or conversely do delivery for “free”?

​If our delivery charges were excessive, we would be uncompetitive, especially for smaller orders and our turnover would suffer.

If we lost money on each delivery, (for example by providing free removalists for an hour to carry the items from our truck to the back yard) we’d need to increase the price of our furniture to make up for that loss.   That extra amount on each chair would really add up on larger orders and make us uncompetitive.

Hopefully this won’t break anyone’s heart, but when you receive "free" delivery from eBay etc, it’s not because the company drove off without paying for diesel, stopped servicing their trucks or underpaid their staff; they managed to cover their delivery cost from you by charging extra.

Free removalists might sound enticing, but obviously charging $80 for furniture plus $80 for delivery is just the same as paying $160 for furniture and getting "free" delivery.

Why aren’t two removalists included in your basic low delivery price?


Because there is no way we can afford to pay two removalists to drive a truck to your house or business, then spend an hour carrying furniture around for $40.

We’re more than happy to provide as many removalists as you need for as long as you need.  We can even supply them at cost price; we just can’t supply staff for free.   We offer basic standard delivery at a very low price because that is what the majority of our customers want. 



What sets Superb Party Hire apart?


If one company has chairs for $2 and another charges $2.50, why not just go with the cheapest option?

Some companies are fastidious about cleaning and making sure items are replaced when they get old.  Some are not.   We are one of the fastidious companies.

We have a long reputation for reliability to protect. We’ve always made sure items are delivered when needed, and have never called to cancel someone’s order. New entrants to the business often feel that without a hard-won reputation they will need to undercut prices.

We have a large and expanding range of items.

Organising an event is stressful enough without having to deal with multiple suppliers and arrange for multiple deliveries.  We are constantly expanding our range so that we can supply everything you need to make your special event impressive and memorable, all at the lowest possible cost.


We pride ourselves on our superb customer service and are proud of our high number of return customers.  We’re always willing to do whatever we can to make sure everything goes smoothly.

We’re big enough that in the rare event that something goes wrong, we’re likely to have extra stock and a truck available to fix the problem.


Modern, quality equipment – We'd rather spend more on investing in new equipment than spend more on advertising to replace lost customers.


Brisbane Wide Delivery – We put a lot of thought into getting everything that you need delivered to your event at a time that suits you and all at the lowest possible cost.

How do I get started?

You can call our friendly staff any time from 8am to 9pm Monday-Saturday to discuss your requirements, or you can add items to the shopping cart on this website to calculate the total cost. Once you have added everything you need, hit the checkout button and our warehouse staff will quickly check we have everything available on the date of your function, then call you back to see if you would like to proceed.


Is there a minimum order amount or value?

No, we’ll deliver anything you need no matter how small your order, but it costs us virtually the same in fuel and labour to deliver one item as it does a whole truck load, so ordering several items from us means better value for money for you.



How long is the hire period?


Most people want to hire equipment for a weekend event, so the prices quoted on this website are for three or four days over the weekend.   We usually deliver at the end of the week and pick up at the start of the following week.   If you hire for a mid-week function, we usually drop off the day before, and pick up the day after.

How far in advance do I need to book equipment?

Generally the earlier the better to ensure we have exactly what you need available on the date of your party.  If you have left things until the last minute, call us and we’ll do everything possible to help.

What happens if something gets broken?

Very occasionally it happens that something gets broken at a party.  The most common things to get broken are glassware and crockery.  The hire cost naturally is based on everything being safely returned to us, so all breakages and losses are the responsibility of the hirer. Prices for replacements are different for all items. Please feel free to contact our office for a quote.


Does the equipment need to be returned clean?


No. Most companies want you to spend your Sunday morning after the party cleaning everything! We always clean and sterilise everything before hiring it to the next person, so as long as the items aren’t damaged, we’ll look after all the mess included in the same low cost.


Can I pick up the goods in my ute or trailer?


Sadly not. The majority of damage to hire items occurs during transit rather than from customer misuse. In order to make sure our goods are transported safely and without getting damaged, we deliver everything for you.   As we operate through a warehouse, we do not allow for individual pickups - for safety and security reasons. Our delivery charges are a bargain in any case, and once you include the cost of fuel and your time, you would be unlikely to save anything anyway.


Can you deliver to a park or a beach?

Yes, but there are a few things to keep in mind! 

Firstly, we'll do our best, but our driver won't know exactly what ​time they are going to arrive because of factors like traffic, delays with earlier deliveries etc. 


When they do arrive at the park or beach, if you are running late, our driver won't have time to wait around for you to turn up.  When collecting the items afterwards, everything will need to be ready for collection at the agreed time. 

Our driver won't have time to carry all your items miles from the truck, so if your event is a long way from the road, we'll need lots of help from someone in your party OR we’ll need to roster an extra staff member to be in the truck.   

Do you require a deposit?


We require an $80 deposit to secure the order within a week of booking, and final payment 48 hours prior to delivery.  The deposit can be refunded if you need to cancel your party with more than three weeks’ notice to us (or if we are able to rehire the goods we were holding for you.)



Any other questions?



Give us a call on 07 3171 2470 from 8am- 9pm.  That’s what our friendly staff are here for! 




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